Weltkarte, Diplom-Ökonom Regina Breithecker, Steuerberater
Weltkarte, Diplom-Ökonom Regina Breithecker, Steuerberater


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We offer a wide range of tax consulting services, such as


  • Preparation of tax returns for enterprises and individuals
  • Preparation of tax balance sheets (E-Bilanz)
  • Preparation of income statements for tax purposes,
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly VAT returns and EC Sales Lists
  • Preparation of Wage Tax returns
  • Checking of tax assessments
  • Representation before tax authorities and tax courts
  • Assistence in tax audits such as general tax audits, VAT audits, Wage Tax audits,
  • Coordination and supervision of tax groups, fiscal unities, fiscal entities (Organschaften)
  • Assistance with notification requirements
  • Consulting on the execution of option rights for tax purposes
  • Consulting on special tax issues
  • Analysis of group structures from a tax perspective
  • Tax planning
  • Cost-benefit analysis of tax planning measures
  • Compliance


Regina Breithecker


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40468 Düsseldorf


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